Rubica Personal Cyber Security

It is not uncommon for groups and individuals alike to have problems with cyber-crimes. Since there are always hackers on the Internet trying to get something for nothing, they are looking to gain access to information that they can use for their benefits. Thankfully, there is a lot of information online that explains how these intruders work, and the things that can be done to protect individual accounts and the like. One of which is taking advantage of Rubica Personal Cyber Security and the features offered in their apps (YahooFinance).


What is Personal Cyber Security


Even though many companies have several layers of security in place to protect their company’s data, this is not always true for the individual. In fact, some companies spend large sums of their finances to make sure that they are protected from having these issues. Unlike the individual, they may not even know what they have available for them to use. So, for those of you who are interested in what you can have access to today, here’s some information about Rubica Personal Cyber Security that you should know for your personal cyber security needs.


Teams Available


Because of the importance and the nature of what an intruder can do, there are times when a team of professionals are needed for these concerns. These teams are being provided to assist with the analysis that is needed to ensure things are being done right and that the intruders cannot compromise or risks the individual’s personal account information.

How End Citizens United is Fighting Political Dark Money

The role of money in politics has come into increasing focus over the past several years and we can point to a critical moment, in 2010, as being at fault. In 2010 a conservative group by the name Citizens United lobbied the Supreme Court in order to loosen financial regulations on spending for politicians. Somehow Citizens United convinced the Supreme Court to agree to loosened regulations and the results have been catastrophic. Now more dark money than ever is flooding the political spectrum and it is causing a complete cave in on the most important institutions in America. One political action committee by the name of End Citizens United is doing their best to fix the catastrophic problem.


End Citizens United was established under a year ago by Tiffany Muller. Muller created the political action committee (PAC) with the intention of raising money, and awareness, in order to fight the Citizens United Supreme Court decision. Her ultimate goal with the PAC is to get politicians in place who will put forth legislation in order to overturn the catastrophic decision. There have been many other PACs that have come along, all focused on doing the same thing, but none have had the organization nor the success that End Citizens United has had.


Through the first quarter of 2017 we saw End Citizens United have incredible fundraising success. End Citizens United raised over $4 million through these first three months, blowing away expectations from their 2016 numbers. The reason? Muller believes that people are donating in force because they feel that the system is rigged and that their voice isn’t being heard. This is just the beginning, however, as the goal is to raise nearly $35 million ahead of the busy 2018 political season.


One of the most important aspects of End Citizens United’s mission is to get politicians on board whoa re ready and willing to fight for finance reform in Washington D.C. U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse was recently endorsed by End Citizens United due to his stance on Citizen’s United. Muller and her PAC called Whitehouse a “champion of campaign finance reform“. With End Citizens United standing behind Sen Whitehouse he will have the power of the people behind him as he fights for his 2018 re-election campaign.


Whitehouse has always been one of the more vocal proponents of increased finance reform in the political world. He has gone on record numerous times fighting against the establishment Republicans in order to try and overturn Citizens United. Whitehouse will likely be facing off against Robert Nardolillo or Robert Flanders in the 2018 race. In any event, having the might of Tiffany Muller and End Citizens United behind him can only serve to help.


Wealth Solutions Three Pillars of Success

When looking for financial advice, people need to make sure that they are getting high quality advice. One thing that they don’t want is to find themselves getting advice that puts them into a worse situation financially. For one thing, there are tons of people that claim to have the solution to their financial struggles. However, they are just looking for money. As a result, the person who is struggling is left in a worse situation than before. Fortunately, the internet makes it easier to look up information about any company that is offering to help people financially. This will help people find the more reliable and trustworthy sources of information.


Among the trustworthy sources of information is Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions. He has thought long and hard about the struggles of people when it comes to finances. Therefore, he has managed to build a structure that is going to increase the chances of success with finances. One thing that Richard Blair has done with Wealth Solutions is put together three pillars of success. These three pillars have worked very well in bringing forth the results that his clients need so that they can move forward with other goals. Learn more:


The first pillar allows the client to lay out a road map to success. One thing that this helps with is making sure that the client is able to make significant progress. For one thing, all of the strengths and weaknesses of the client is looked at as well as tolerance for risk and growth opportunities. The second pillar is involved in the long term strategy for success. This is where Richard Blair works with the client on bringing forth a plan that is actionable. The third pillar deals with insurance for the client.


Richard Blair has shown that he cares a lot about his client and is even willing to offer aide to his customer so that he will be able to reach his goals and experience very little unnecessary setbacks. His goals have brought forth a lot of good reputation for him which has attracted a lot of clients to him. Learn more:


David McDonald, OSI Group President Moving The Company Forward

OSI Group the global leader in supplying protein items like sausage links and beef patties is headquartered in Aurora, Ill. Though, they also have products like pizza and sandwiches. This company is a privately held corporation with over 50 facilities in 17 countries with David McDonald as the president of OSI Group. Mr. McDonald said of the company it is a global operation with local management teams that are sensitive and understanding of local cultures, tastes, and solutions.

David McDonald OSI Group said that OSI has operated in China for 20 years and as the economy has grown so has OSI. The company now operates eight factories with two new facilities being built. Mr. McDonald said the company is the largest chicken provider in China and the latest plant is what he refers to as a mega-plant in the Henan province. Then the company entered a joint venture with DOYOO Group in Zhoukou to create DaOSI. This is the third vertically integrated poultry operation in China. The OSI Group serves clients in China include Subway, Burger King, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Yum and more. Mr. McDonald said OSI Group engages equipment manufacturers in developing food quality and safety processes.

Read more: OSI Group Acquires Dutch Company Baho Foods

In 2008 during the Olympic Games in Beijing ISO China supplied 113 tons of five kinds of products. The products provided for the games by the company include eggs, chicken, pork, beef and dehydrated onion.

David McDonald earned a BS Degree at the Iowa State University, attending from 1983 through 1987 and was a member of Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity. He serves as Chairman of North American Meat Institute. In the past, McDonald has been the Independent Director at Marfrig Global Foods S.A.

OSI Group President and COO David McDonald announced the acquisition of Baho Food, a Dutch manufacturer. The company manufactures deli meats, snacks, and convenience foods. Mr. McDonald said the deal was subject to government approval that will grow the OSI Group business in Europe and this will broaden the company’s portfolio and capabilities. Baho developed five subsidiaries with processing plants in the Netherlands and Germany. The company’s products including Q Smart Life, Vital Convenience, Henri van de Bilt and Bakx Foods that serve customers in 18 countries.

Vijay Eswaran Grows Alongside His QI Group

The QI Group has been evolving as it approaches its 20th anniversary into new areas of business far from the commemorative coins sold by the company during its first months of operation in 1998.

Co-founder Vijay Eswaran has always been an important figure for the QI Group as he remains an active trainer of new members of the company and is seen largely as the public face of a company that has grown to now offer its luxury lifestyle products to customers in more than 20 countries and had revenue reaching $750 million in 2016. Read more: Five Minutes With Dr. Vijay Eswaran, Executive Chairman, QI Group

As the QI Group has been expanding its offerings Vijay Eswaran has been looking for new ways of making sure as many people are aware of how he made himself successful in a few short years as possible.

The mythology of the QI group is largely based around Vijay Eswaran learning of multilevel marketing techniques when he was working as a taxi driver in London and decided to return to his education at Southern Illinois University to make sure he was prepared for the rigorous of creating a major multinational direct sales company that could challenge the established leaders in the industry.

Alongside making sure the QI Group is growing in an ethical and morally positive way with a focus on protecting the environment and promoting a healthy lifestyle, Vijay Eswaran has been creating a major career for himself as a motivational speaker and writer. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

Three bestselling books have been written about how to build a successful career by Eswaran as he looks to aid the business people of the world by explaining just how he motivates and focuses himself on a daily basis; perhaps the best known of these books has been “In The Sphere Of Silence”, which explains how the spiritual side of Vijay Eswaran comes out each and every day with at least one hour of silent meditation to aid his focus and ability to function each and every business day.

Career of Swiss Entrepreneur Mike Baur

Mike Baur is among the more successful business people in Switzerland. He has had a long career in working with a number of startup businesses. When he first began his career, he provided loans and advice to entrepreneurs who were looking to launch their companies. After working for banks for two decades, Mike moved on to invest in a number of startup companies. This allowed Mike to get high returns from the profits of various emerging companies. Once he had success with startup investing, Mike would then start up his own company. He co founded Swiss Startup Factory a few years ago. In the three years of its existence, Swiss Startup Factory has emerged as one of the more innovative companies in Switzerland.


At the very beginning of his career in business, Mike got experience working with startup businesses. On a regular basis, he would met with entrepreneurs to discuss their financial needs. Many of them were seeking a loan to help start or expand their companies. Mike would help them accomplish this objective by going over their business plan and then evaluating their ability to generate revenue. In most cases, Mike would not only provide loans to businesses, but also advice on how to best manage the company finances. With this expertise, Mike was able to help a number of Swiss entrepreneurs make their companies successful.


Although Mike had a very successful career in banking, he wanted to move on to another business venture. The next thing he would do is invest in startup companies. During his time investing in startup businesses, Mike would evaluate a number of new businesses and then put his own funds in them. Fortunately for Mike, he would be able to make high returns from investing in startup businesses. His experience investing in startup companies gave him more in depth exposure to startup companies. As a result, he would go on to get involved in entrepreneurship.


Swiss Startup Factory was co founded by Mike in an effort to meet a market demand for entrepreneurs who are in need of comprehensive guidance. The company provides mentorship and coaching to various entrepreneurs in Switzerland. This company has a very unique business model in which it holds a meeting for businesses to gather and present their business idea. Once the company goes over each business idea, Swiss Startup Factory will then provide guidance on a number of things such as marketing, finance, management and product development.



Why Working with MB2 Dental Solutions is a Splendid Idea for Texans

Good dentists are a big deal nowadays. What are the personal attributes and the professional qualifications you’ll need to confirm before hiring and retaining a skilled dental expert? To give you a perfect illustration, we are going to use the life and times of one of the most renowned dentists in the state of Texas.

An ideal choice of a dentist is one who helps to keep you both calm and informed as to what is happening in real time. Before scheduling an appointment to get your root canals or fillings done, Dr. Akhil Reddy prepares you psychologically by revealing the risks and the slight complications associated with the procedure awaiting you. His vast experience in the field makes it possible for his patients to receive the latest approved anesthesia medication for a painless, comfortable experience.

Professional Affiliations

Dr. Akhil Reddy happens to work in close partnerships with a broad range of quality health care B2B agencies. The most notable of these being his collaboration with the MB2 Dental organization.

It is a prerequisite for all aspiring professionals wishing to come under the umbrella of MB2 Dental to present all their credentials and academic certifications and practicing licenses. Therefore, you are the patient don’t have to wrack your brains trying to find out all that pertinent information about the potential doctor you have been referred to by a friend or a colleague.

Ratings and Reviews

Dr. Reddy has already worked as a certified dentist in the United States of America for the last ten years. Over that long span, he’s apparently interacted with tons of consumers.

Most of these clients then went ahead to leave their remarks about the quality of service, the rates, the overall ambiance and the reliability of the particular dentist, in this case, dentist Akhil Reddy. The reviews posted online for instance on this particular website, show him having a five-star approval rating by the customers who left their responses on the site.

About MB2 Dental Solutions

According to Crunchbase, MB2 Dental is a dental services organization started in 2009 by Dr. Steve Villanueva. Barely ten years down the line, MB2 is a leading company operating in six different states all across the country. They have over sixty affiliate centers nationwide as of March 2017. Learn more about Dr Akhil Reddy:

Working together with the principal dental industry development partners like CDI, MB2 Dental has been able to introduce a vital lifeline of genius dental solutions for the masses. Join the organization and benefit from affordable prices for quality services and products thanks to the labyrinth of MB2 affiliates in the US.

Norman Pattiz Releases Results of PodcastOne’s Brand Lift Studies Carried Out by Edison Research

Edison Research recently analyzed the impacts of PodcastOne, one of the leading podcast networks in the world. The broadcasting giant emerged as one of the top five consumer brands in the U.S. This research was carried out with an objective of uplifting the podcast network’s advertising efforts. PodcastOne’s manager, Norman Pattiz, and Edison Research’s VP of strategy, Tom Webster, announced the findings of the study.

Findings of the results

According to the studies conducted by Edison Research, 60 percent of PodcastOne’s listeners were appealed by grocery ads that are usually broadcasted on the podcast network. The study also found that awareness of financial services products was at 47 percent. Consequently, the awareness levels for automobile products were at 37 percent while those for lawn and garden products were at 24 percent.

Edison Research also conducted a post-study on PodcastOne’s advertising efforts and found out that one in three respondents had a favorable opinion on an automobile product. 22 percent of them also said that they are likely to buy and use a lawn and garden care item.

Executive Comments about the Results

As the founder and chair of PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz said that the results are a manifestation of his company’s multi-dimensional approach to advertising. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

He also said that since he created PodcastOne, the company’s core mission has been to provide listeners with broadcasting services that comply with advertisers’ demands. PodcastOne has shows that run for 340 hours every week with original content.

Speaking on behalf of Edison Research, Tom Webster explained the importance of his firm’s partnership with PodcastOne and five top consumer brands.

According to Crunchbase, Norman Pattiz said that the partnership was meant to measure the relevance of podcast network in the advertising industry. The results outlined why PodcastOne stands out from competitors as an advertiser-supported podcast network.

About Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz, known by many as Norm, is an American business magnate and executive. He has over three decades of leadership in the broadcasting world. Besides his role at PodcastOne, Pattiz implemented an innovative broadcasting idea, which gave rise to Westwood One. He served as the company’s consultant and chief executive. He also handled Broadcast Education Association’s managerial issues as the president.

Pattiz currently serves on the boards of Los Alamos National Laboratory, Westwood One, Los Alamos National Security, and Livermore National Laboratory. Throughout his professional broadcasting career, he has also bagged awards, such as the Freedom of Speech Award and the prestigious Education Service Award.

Whitney Wolfe Creates Free App With Premium Upgrade Feature

Whitney Wolfe is a fan of creating social media apps that are free for users. Tinder was the first app that she was associated with. As the co-founder of this app, she very thrilled about the progress that she made the dating app industry with this. As she moved to create another app called Bumble, this would be a big part of the social media seen as well. It was also another free app that she created in order to give singles the ability to meet online.

Whitney Wolfe also created a Bumble premium extension that allows singles to do even more when they are trying to find someone online expeditiously.

The best thing about using an app like this that tons of people will download this free app. Whitney Wolfe is well aware that the app world is designed by men in most cases. What she has done is create a free app platform for women are the ones that are in charge. The premium feature is something that is experimental, and more people can keep this if they want a special features on the Bumble app.

The dating scene has changed over the years, and people are noticing what Whitney Wolfe is doing. They are intrigued by the way that she she managed to bring forth the type of app giving people access to dating without paying for a service. There are other matchmaking companies out there such as eHarmony and Match, but more singles will try the free apps first. Whitney Wolfe knows if she wants to make sure that people consider her app she has to have both free and premium features. Bumble is becoming the app that people are talking about as the breakout app of the year because if the free and premium features.