Norman Pattiz Releases Results of PodcastOne’s Brand Lift Studies Carried Out by Edison Research

Edison Research recently analyzed the impacts of PodcastOne, one of the leading podcast networks in the world. The broadcasting giant emerged as one of the top five consumer brands in the U.S. This research was carried out with an objective of uplifting the podcast network’s advertising efforts. PodcastOne’s manager, Norman Pattiz, and Edison Research’s VP of strategy, Tom Webster, announced the findings of the study.

Findings of the results

According to the studies conducted by Edison Research, 60 percent of PodcastOne’s listeners were appealed by grocery ads that are usually broadcasted on the podcast network. The study also found that awareness of financial services products was at 47 percent. Consequently, the awareness levels for automobile products were at 37 percent while those for lawn and garden products were at 24 percent.

Edison Research also conducted a post-study on PodcastOne’s advertising efforts and found out that one in three respondents had a favorable opinion on an automobile product. 22 percent of them also said that they are likely to buy and use a lawn and garden care item.

Executive Comments about the Results

As the founder and chair of PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz said that the results are a manifestation of his company’s multi-dimensional approach to advertising. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

He also said that since he created PodcastOne, the company’s core mission has been to provide listeners with broadcasting services that comply with advertisers’ demands. PodcastOne has shows that run for 340 hours every week with original content.

Speaking on behalf of Edison Research, Tom Webster explained the importance of his firm’s partnership with PodcastOne and five top consumer brands.

According to Crunchbase, Norman Pattiz said that the partnership was meant to measure the relevance of podcast network in the advertising industry. The results outlined why PodcastOne stands out from competitors as an advertiser-supported podcast network.

About Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz, known by many as Norm, is an American business magnate and executive. He has over three decades of leadership in the broadcasting world. Besides his role at PodcastOne, Pattiz implemented an innovative broadcasting idea, which gave rise to Westwood One. He served as the company’s consultant and chief executive. He also handled Broadcast Education Association’s managerial issues as the president.

Pattiz currently serves on the boards of Los Alamos National Laboratory, Westwood One, Los Alamos National Security, and Livermore National Laboratory. Throughout his professional broadcasting career, he has also bagged awards, such as the Freedom of Speech Award and the prestigious Education Service Award.

Whitney Wolfe Creates Free App With Premium Upgrade Feature

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Whitney Wolfe also created a Bumble premium extension that allows singles to do even more when they are trying to find someone online expeditiously.

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