Securus Technologies, Setting the Bar in Correctional Facility Services Management

Securus Technologies, a leader in correctional facilities management, has made great strides in recent years. Acquiring several businesses, including JPay, Securus has given more opportunity to enhance the lives of inmates, their families, and, even correctional facility staff and management. The company has done this by not only connecting inmates with their loved ones, as they’re known for but, also by enhancing the way in which they’re able to communicate with each other. Technology like video chat, helps inmates and, their families by giving them dedicated times to chat, and, also by allowing rescheduling if necessary. This cuts out the chance of lost money due to unnecessary travel, in the event the facility is unable to accommodate the family at the time of visitation.


Securus Technologies and JPay have also made it possible to have inmates gain access to advanced educational opportunities by providing them with resources such as tablets with educational applications built in. Of course, the inmates are only able to access facility approved materials. The chances of an inmates success are often dependent, on what they’re able to accomplish while serving their sentence. The rate of recidivism is lowered with better access to job leads and, better job skills, such as resume writing, and, certifications that can be obtained online.


Among other accomplishments achieved by Securus Technologies are, being rated as an “A+” by the Better Business Bureau. Impressive, customer service results have also recently surfaced. Getting nearly all issues resolved in one call, and, achieving an over 95 percent customer satisfaction rate, are also huge achievements. Given the types of complex scenarios, this would be a difficult number to pull off by nearly any company. By investing in people and, investing in the future with technology; Securus Technologies continues to lead the pack in the correctional facility management arena.