Young Entrepreneur Sawyer Howitt Inspires Other Young Entrepreneurs

Sawyer Howitt is a young entrepreneur from Portland, Oregon who recently rose to the ranks of Project Manager at the Meriwether Group. In his position as Project Manager, he finds innovative ways to combine development and adaptation in the workplace, so that the company can live up to the demands of an increasingly technological world. His skills and experience allow him to approach each project with various perspectives. He has a diverse background in business, finance, and customer service, which gives him the unique ability to understand the function and effectiveness of each business he encounters.

Sawyer Howitt dedicates his time and energy to enabling young entrepreneurs who face countless obstacles in the business field by using his own experiences and background as an example. He has recently written a number of informational op-eds devoted to entrepreneurs who might have questions about starting their own business. His words of encouragement embolden those new entrepreneurs who are having second thoughts about starting their own business. He has a way of convincing those in that position to explore the outside of their comfort zone and devote their lives to creating their business.

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Sawyer Howitt has taken part in various grassroots programs and has done his fair share of philanthropic work. He is committed to many causes and aims to combat gender inequality and creating programs dedicated to mentoring the youth. As of recent, he has been at the helm of the International Ethnic Study Group. Sawyer Howitt is continuously looking for ways to sharpen his skills and hone his business and financial abilities. He plans to attend the University of California, Berkley in the fall of 2017 to pursue a degree in Entrepreneurial Finance. This program will expose him to various entrepreneurial techniques that will help him and the company that he works with.

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Wealth Solutions Three Pillars of Success

When looking for financial advice, people need to make sure that they are getting high quality advice. One thing that they don’t want is to find themselves getting advice that puts them into a worse situation financially. For one thing, there are tons of people that claim to have the solution to their financial struggles. However, they are just looking for money. As a result, the person who is struggling is left in a worse situation than before. Fortunately, the internet makes it easier to look up information about any company that is offering to help people financially. This will help people find the more reliable and trustworthy sources of information.


Among the trustworthy sources of information is Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions. He has thought long and hard about the struggles of people when it comes to finances. Therefore, he has managed to build a structure that is going to increase the chances of success with finances. One thing that Richard Blair has done with Wealth Solutions is put together three pillars of success. These three pillars have worked very well in bringing forth the results that his clients need so that they can move forward with other goals. Learn more:


The first pillar allows the client to lay out a road map to success. One thing that this helps with is making sure that the client is able to make significant progress. For one thing, all of the strengths and weaknesses of the client is looked at as well as tolerance for risk and growth opportunities. The second pillar is involved in the long term strategy for success. This is where Richard Blair works with the client on bringing forth a plan that is actionable. The third pillar deals with insurance for the client.


Richard Blair has shown that he cares a lot about his client and is even willing to offer aide to his customer so that he will be able to reach his goals and experience very little unnecessary setbacks. His goals have brought forth a lot of good reputation for him which has attracted a lot of clients to him. Learn more:


David McDonald, OSI Group President Moving The Company Forward

OSI Group the global leader in supplying protein items like sausage links and beef patties is headquartered in Aurora, Ill. Though, they also have products like pizza and sandwiches. This company is a privately held corporation with over 50 facilities in 17 countries with David McDonald as the president of OSI Group. Mr. McDonald said of the company it is a global operation with local management teams that are sensitive and understanding of local cultures, tastes, and solutions.

David McDonald OSI Group said that OSI has operated in China for 20 years and as the economy has grown so has OSI. The company now operates eight factories with two new facilities being built. Mr. McDonald said the company is the largest chicken provider in China and the latest plant is what he refers to as a mega-plant in the Henan province. Then the company entered a joint venture with DOYOO Group in Zhoukou to create DaOSI. This is the third vertically integrated poultry operation in China. The OSI Group serves clients in China include Subway, Burger King, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Yum and more. Mr. McDonald said OSI Group engages equipment manufacturers in developing food quality and safety processes.

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In 2008 during the Olympic Games in Beijing ISO China supplied 113 tons of five kinds of products. The products provided for the games by the company include eggs, chicken, pork, beef and dehydrated onion.

David McDonald earned a BS Degree at the Iowa State University, attending from 1983 through 1987 and was a member of Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity. He serves as Chairman of North American Meat Institute. In the past, McDonald has been the Independent Director at Marfrig Global Foods S.A.

OSI Group President and COO David McDonald announced the acquisition of Baho Food, a Dutch manufacturer. The company manufactures deli meats, snacks, and convenience foods. Mr. McDonald said the deal was subject to government approval that will grow the OSI Group business in Europe and this will broaden the company’s portfolio and capabilities. Baho developed five subsidiaries with processing plants in the Netherlands and Germany. The company’s products including Q Smart Life, Vital Convenience, Henri van de Bilt and Bakx Foods that serve customers in 18 countries.