Whitney Wolfe Creates Free App With Premium Upgrade Feature

Whitney Wolfe is a fan of creating social media apps that are free for users. Tinder was the first app that she was associated with. As the co-founder of this app, she very thrilled about the progress that she made the dating app industry with this. As she moved to create another app called Bumble, this would be a big part of the social media seen as well. It was also another free app that she created in order to give singles the ability to meet online.

Whitney Wolfe also created a Bumble premium extension that allows singles to do even more when they are trying to find someone online expeditiously.

The best thing about using an app like this that tons of people will download this free app. Whitney Wolfe is well aware that the app world is designed by men in most cases. What she has done is create a free app platform for women are the ones that are in charge. The premium feature is something that is experimental, and more people can keep this if they want a special features on the Bumble app.

The dating scene has changed over the years, and people are noticing what Whitney Wolfe is doing. They are intrigued by the way that she she managed to bring forth the type of app giving people access to dating without paying for a service. There are other matchmaking companies out there such as eHarmony and Match, but more singles will try the free apps first. Whitney Wolfe knows if she wants to make sure that people consider her app she has to have both free and premium features. Bumble is becoming the app that people are talking about as the breakout app of the year because if the free and premium features.