From Tattoos to Makeup, Doe Deere Continues to Grow

Some people in society just radiate beauty and an air of magic. It’s not just a physical thing, it’s because of what’s within. People like Doe Deere have this quality. Deere is someone who has been an integral part of the makeup world. Deere is someone who has long been a champion for non-conformity. She’s the founder and CEO of Lime Crime, a makeup company that was born because there was a need for bright colors.


Deere noticed that most makeup companies and drugstores only carried neutral colors for eyeshadows, mascaras, lipsticks, and more. Deere, however, knew that there were people out there who were born to stand out. She knew this because she was one of them. Therefore, she created a company based on bright and bold colors. That company, Lime Crime, continues to grow as they release new products.


Deere is known as “Queen of Unicorns” and that’s partly based off of her magical look. Deere can be seen rocking bright colored hair shades from pinks to purples and everything in-between. Deere also has flawless skin which is made to look even more flawless by the Lime Crime makeup that she uses. She’s an expert at rocking bright colored lips and eyes to match. The best part of Deere’s whole appearance is the fact that she is so confident.


Deere was born in Russia where she stayed until she turned 17. Then, she moved to New York City before heading to Los Angeles. All these different living situations really gave her the chance to grow and interact with different people. This is what helped her to learn what different people want out of their makeup. Deere first moved to the United States because she wanted to become a musician. Although that wasn’t her ultimate career path, it definitely helped her. Striving for her goals taught Deere that everyone has something special about them and something unique that they should pursue. Being a musician also taught Deere about gratitude. It made her appreciate people who showed up to her music events. She now appreciates those who purchase her products and take time out of their day to leave her a message of how much they love her makeup products.


Deere has been an ambitious soul throughout her life. She started her own small business selling tattoos when she was just 13-years-old. She took that experience and grew from it, becoming the successful woman she is today. Learn more: