The Succession Of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s Position At Bradesco

Bradesco is one of the largest banking and financial service institutions in Brazil. For a long time, until 2009, it was the largest private bank in Brazil before Unibanco and Itau joined the market. The headquarters of the bank is in Osasco. Bradesco is the pioneer of the ATM biometric reading system in Brazil. The system enables customers to be identified using the vascular pattern of their hands while serving as a complementary password. The bank offers internet banking services, credit card, and pension plan services. The bank also provides personal and commercial loans alongside leasing services.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi took over the position of chief executive officer of Bradesco from Brandao when the outgoing CEO turned ninety-one. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi told reporters that Bradesco is set to select the new CEO from its internal candidates, just like they did previously. He holds both the CEO and chairman position temporarily following the resignation of the company chairman; Lazaro Brandao. The bank is scheduled to announce the name of the new CEO in thirty days before its shareholder assembly.

Lazaro Brandao had performed impressively at the company for a long time, and his departure led to another decision to keep Luiz Carlos at the firm until 2019. The bank charter requires the president to retire at the age of sixty-five, which is only one year short of Luiz Carlos’s age, but he has been given a waiver for one year that will not be entirely exercised. The big question for the bank now is who will replace Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi as CEO. One of the names that have come up is that of Mauricio Minas who is popular in the market for leading an entire technological revolution of the company on Another possible candidate is Josue Pancini who has served as the vice president of the company for a long time. Ideally, those who have served for a longer time would be considered first during selection, but this criterion was not given much weight when Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was appointed.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is likely to have a significant influence on the selection of the ideal candidate for the highly competitive position. There is an expectation for a fairly integrated transition because the company has many talented individuals who have been in leadership positions and the solid corporate governance of the bank. As much as no loud speculations have been made about it, there is an open dispute over the succession of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi at Bradesco.

Notably, according to Luiz Carlos on, his successor has not yet been chosen, and there is no anticipation of who it will be. Instead, it will be a standard routine process that respects talent for exercising the functions of the organization. There is no defined profile for his deputy, but the desired qualities are those of leadership and one’s own light.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was born on 6th October 1951 in Marilia. He is a graduate of the faculty of philosophy, sciences, and letters of Sao Paulo. He began his career at Bradesco in 1969 and was elected to serve as the Director of the bank in 1984 and later on became the vice president in 1999. Luiz Carlos was the chairman of Bradesco Seguros Group from 2003 to 2009 and was elected as the chief executive officer in 2009.

Luiz Carlos is one of the most sought for Brazilian executives. Foreign investors have shown a lot of interest in his services. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has participated in the world Economic Forum in Davos and believes that the return to economic growth in Brazil will not be chicken flight. Instead, it should have already reached 2.3% within the last twelve cumulative months from July last year.


Obsidian Energy Rebranding and Strategies for the Future

Obsidian Energy is a company that deals with gas and oil production and is based in Canada. It produces about thirty thousand boe each day with the help of its high-quality machinery and the company’s team. Obsidian Energy is a result oriented company that is made up of a team of individuals who are disciplined and very passionate about what they do. They work with transparency and are accountable to the communities they interact with, their associates and shareholders. The company is even among the sixty most prominent firms in the Toronto stock Exchange and was also a Canadian Royalty Trust (CANROY).



Earlier this year, the company rebranded from Penn West Petroleum Ltd to Obsidian Energy Limited. This change of names was in line with redefining the company’s changes and what it was working towards achieving moving forward. The company is confident that this move was for the best as the worked towards a stronger and capable future. David French is the Chief Operating Officer and President of Obsidian Energy. The company has aligned its strategies to be in line with their goals as they work at continuously succeeding in the changing environment.



As a company, Obsidian Energy respects the people on the ground and this is why they constantly encourage anyone they work with to be mindful of others. They are very verbal and open about any concerns the residents may have about their operations and the impacts to the environment. Their operations are focused on conserving the environment and they adhere to the regulations put in place. Obsidian Energy takes the right processes in reclamation and abandonment of sites. They have provided a telephone number where any issues or concerns regarding their operations can be addressed.



The management team at Obsidian Energy ensure that their employees are well trained on the importance of safety in their line of work. The safety measures put in place take care of the employees, contractors and the people in the communities they work in. They have also put emergency contingency plans in place to safeguard anyone in case of an accident that requires immediate attention. Obsidian is committed to ensuring that all their work is within the set regulations in the industry. Furthermore, they conduct thorough training on any relevant parties to their line of work to ensure that the set policies and procedures are well adhered to.


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From Tattoos to Makeup, Doe Deere Continues to Grow

Some people in society just radiate beauty and an air of magic. It’s not just a physical thing, it’s because of what’s within. People like Doe Deere have this quality. Deere is someone who has been an integral part of the makeup world. Deere is someone who has long been a champion for non-conformity. She’s the founder and CEO of Lime Crime, a makeup company that was born because there was a need for bright colors.


Deere noticed that most makeup companies and drugstores only carried neutral colors for eyeshadows, mascaras, lipsticks, and more. Deere, however, knew that there were people out there who were born to stand out. She knew this because she was one of them. Therefore, she created a company based on bright and bold colors. That company, Lime Crime, continues to grow as they release new products.


Deere is known as “Queen of Unicorns” and that’s partly based off of her magical look. Deere can be seen rocking bright colored hair shades from pinks to purples and everything in-between. Deere also has flawless skin which is made to look even more flawless by the Lime Crime makeup that she uses. She’s an expert at rocking bright colored lips and eyes to match. The best part of Deere’s whole appearance is the fact that she is so confident.


Deere was born in Russia where she stayed until she turned 17. Then, she moved to New York City before heading to Los Angeles. All these different living situations really gave her the chance to grow and interact with different people. This is what helped her to learn what different people want out of their makeup. Deere first moved to the United States because she wanted to become a musician. Although that wasn’t her ultimate career path, it definitely helped her. Striving for her goals taught Deere that everyone has something special about them and something unique that they should pursue. Being a musician also taught Deere about gratitude. It made her appreciate people who showed up to her music events. She now appreciates those who purchase her products and take time out of their day to leave her a message of how much they love her makeup products.


Deere has been an ambitious soul throughout her life. She started her own small business selling tattoos when she was just 13-years-old. She took that experience and grew from it, becoming the successful woman she is today. Learn more:

The Growth Obsidian Energy Company

It is intermediate-sized oil and gas producer. The company has a well-balanced portfolio of high-quality assets. The level of production has gone high over the past few years. It is after the company faced several challenges. The challenges were due to lack of oil market. The company has a disciplined staff with relentless passion. Everyone works towards achieving the overall goals of the organization. Initially, the company was known as Penn west Petroleum LTD. However, on June 26th, 2017, the company changed its name to Obsidian. The changes came as the whole group underwent several changes that affect every aspect of the business. After the changes, the company has re-emerged stronger to serve the people. Several people are happy about the significant development in the company.



Additionally, Obsidian Energy is much committed to making positive development to the company. They understand that the community matters a lot in the event of any organization. It is because; they get all their employees and the contractors from the society. Also, they encourage the contractors and the employees to have a positive interaction with the member of the community. Whenever an issue arises, they address the concerns in a positive manner. Since it is oil and Gas Company, there must be some impacts on the environment.



Due to this, the management of Obsidian Energy is committed to minimizing the effects on the environment. They ensure that there are proper site abandonment and reclamation practices. Once the environment is preserved, then there will be an appropriate relationship between the company and the community. Additionally, the company has a free number and an email that can be used to address any issue that arises.


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On the other hand, the safety of the workers is maintained. Safety is one of the integral parts of the Obsidian Company. Obsidian’s safety programs are aimed not only to protect the employees but also the members of the community. The company understands that serious accidents can occur in the company causing even deaths. Also, the environmental pollution can have far-reaching effects on the member of the society.



The National Steel Car Success with Gregory Aziz

National Steel Car has been manufacturing and engineering the railroad and freight cars since 1912. For the past 18 years, it is the only railroad company that is ISO certified. For several years now, National Steel Car has been receiving TTX SECO Award. This is a very prestigious award. The company has been going past the expectations of the customers under the leadership of Gregory Aziz.


Gregory James Aziz went to Ridley College and the University of Western Ontario. He majored in Economics. This has been very helpful in his career. The first place his worked after completing his education was in his family business firm. The firm is known for dealing with affiliated foods. By the time Gregory Aziz was leaving, the company was the most prominent firm in the area.


In the 1980s and 1990s, he began working with banking facilities. This was in preparation for his National Steel Car project. In 1994, he finally he began his project. He purchased the National Steel Car.


The National Steel Car was not in good position by then. However, Gregory Aziz was prepared to make his dream come true. He wanted to make this Canadian company the most prominent company in North America.


Greg Aziz utilized all the resources to maximize the output. He also taught the employees the importance of cooperation and teamwork. This was the only way his dream would come true. After a lot of hard work and commitment, the firm was finally beginning to bear fruits.


By 1999, the company had highly upgraded. The firm was manufacturing 12000 freight cars annually. This was a significant improvement from the usual 3500. This meant that labor would become inadequate as well in handling this workload. Check Out This Article.


The employment options, therefore, increased to 3000 employees from 600 individuals. This was a boost to everyone in the society.


The community around produced quite some employees in all position ranging from engineering to janitors. This meant improved living standards in the area. The others who never secured a position, set up businesses. This was very fulfilling as well because a large number of employees provided a great market for the products.


Gregory J Aziz has been the National Steel Cars President, Chairman, and CEO for 23 years. The community has ranked him as the leading investor in Ontario. They’re grateful for the contribution that he has made in the society.


Greg Aziz on the other side promises continued quality services.


Gregory Aziz Steering National Steel Car to the Top through Investing in Technological Innovation and Human Resource

Gregory James Aziz has steered National Steel Car to be one of the top leading railroad freight manufacturing and engineering not only in America but all over the world. National Steel Car is based in Hamilton Canada and boasts of being the only ISO 9001:2008 certified railroad freight car manufacturing and engineering company. National Steel Car for decades now has dominated the railroad industry market in Canada as well as some States in the US. The reason behind the company successes is the exemplary leadership style exhibited by the CEO, Chairman, and President Mr. Greg Aziz.


Aziz is an economist by profession and has vast experience in investment banking having worked in the banking industry in New York. Greg J Aziz has a unique leadership style that encourages working as a team and developing a sense of ownership. As a result, National Steel Car human personnel have developed a culture of positivity and are dedicated to seeing that the company achieves the laid down objectives. Gregory Aziz got his economics degree from Western University and together with his family resides in Ontario Canada.

Greg Aziz besides competing with other firms in the industry holds the view that success requires an organization to challenge itself for more which can only be achieved through raising the performance bar regularly. According to Aziz technological innovation and efficiency in the delivery of customer service are key components of success to any organization. These are the things that in decades have made National Steel Car remain the top railroad car manufacturing and engineering firm in North America. James Aziz and National Steel Car have been recognized for their exemplary performance by different organizations and authorities and as a result, have won numerous awards and among them include the TTX SECO award which that company has continuously clinched for ten consecutive years.

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National Steel Car was founded in 1912, and the journey to success has not been that easy. The company has been through worse times for instance in 1930 it was faced with the problem of shortage of orders something that almost led to its insolvency. However, after the 2nd world war, the company started receiving an influx of orders. National Steel Car in the year 1960 was purchased by Dofasco. Dofasco was doing well until the early 90s when its fortunes started dwindling. The company was on its knees, and Dofasco decided to sell it off to Gregory James Aziz in 1994. Greg Aziz after purchasing the company revolutionized the company engineering and manufacturing sector as well as the human resource, and within five years the company became stable and started raking in profits.

Dick Devos Helped Reform Michigan

The state of Michigan has a long and storied history. It gave the country its middle class, its industry, and so much more. Now, thanks to the Devos family Michigan is going to give the country the future of its education system. His work with his wife to create a school voucher system has proven so effective its currently being implemented in states across the country. With the help of Trump this plan might just make it so far that every school system adopts it. The results of this plan are only beginning to come to light, but they look promising so far.



His Devotion To Our Youth


Dick Devos has shown he understands what our youth need and he wants to do everything he can to help provide them with what they deserve. In order to make this happen he has taken his billion dollar fortune and used it to give support to school voucher programs. The added support allows schools to give their kids exactly what they need. The problems of public schools are no longer an issue for parents and teachers.



Trying Times And Challenges


Dick Devos has found that his goals aren’t easily accomplished. There are many people who simply don’t believe we can achieve better results for our students by giving them access to alternative schooling. The opposition believes that his proposals will undermine public education and leave children unprepared for their futures. However, these criticisms simply don[t look at results and how many students have managed to change their lives. The Devos method is a proven success, but it needs to expand beyond its origins in Michigan. Fortunately, this is exactly what will happen under the Donald Trump administration working with his wife Betty Devos.



His Ideas Come Out On Top


The school voucher system is only getting started thanks to the new wave of political change. Things are going to improve over time, but there is a need for more people to join his movement. Parents want to have the choice of which school their kids go to and this is exactly how it will be done. The results of these programs are generally considered to be smashing successes. Dick Devos has made it clear he is devoted to the youth of America and his actions reflect this. His legacy will be remember for a long time to come.


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Securus Technologies Providing Secured Imprisonment Communication Lines

Securus Technologies is a U.S prison technology company based in the Dallas, Texas area, in which was founded in the year 1986. Securus Technologies also has a few regional offices located within the United States, such as; Carrolton, Texas, Allen, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia. The CEO, Rick Smith, has invested a lot of time in making this a great company. The company enormously employs approximately 1,000 employees and stands in contract with approximately 2,600 correctional facilities within the United States. Until this day, they are serving 2,200 correctional services and in order for them to stay in great business, the company had to invest over $600 million in technologies, licensing rights and acquisitions within a three year time frame, stated Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies is actively one of the largest suppliers for imprisonment communications, parolee tracking and government information. For those who may wonder what is Securus Technologies, they provide telephone service to inmates within U.S prisons at a much higher rate than what is serviced to the general public. Securus Technologies provides services through their system to restraint the usage of contraband cell phones, in which was made approval by more than a few Department of Corrections facilities during 2016 of July. In 2017, Securus announced its creation of Wireless Containment Solution to help prevent the usage of contraband cell phones from linking to mobile networks . Securus Technologies motive is to provide a safer environment to prevent potential crimes.


To give credibility to Securus Technologies from those who have experienced using their system, there are many individuals who have sent emails and letters in regards of Securus Technologies successful system. There are individuals who stated that they are grateful because if it wasn’t for Securus’ system, they wouldn’t be able to monitor illegal activities such as, threats, suspicious conversations, contraband cellular devices, alcohol and drug use. The system has also helped facilities differentiate who may be involved in suspicious activities and made investigations less difficult to uncover. Securus Technologies is a phenomenal way to solve and prevent crimes within imprisonment facilities.


National Steel Car’s Gregory Aziz Helps People

For Gregory James Aziz, there are many things the steel car industry provides to people. As an expert, he knows what he can do to make things better for the rail cars around the country. He also likes to help those who are in other countries. In fact, he does everything he can to make the entire North American continent filled with the steel cars he has to offer. Because Greg Aziz worked so hard to get where he currently is, he knows he can try different things that will help all of his clients get the most out of the steel cars he has to offer.


When Gregory J Aziz first started running National Steel Car, he was aware of what he would need to do to make the company better. He chose to revamp it and make it more modern so more people would want to take advantage of the things he was able to do with steel cars. By producing them to be as modern as possible, Greg Aziz made it easier for people to purchase them without having to worry about all the issues that would typically come from their own opportunities. There have been many changes he has made to the options he has. See More Info Here.


Since Gregory J Aziz knew what he was doing on his own, he chose to market the new steel cars. National Steel Car was a company before he took over, but it was not doing very well. In fact, it was failing and that’s why he bought it. He felt he could make a difference for those who used the company. By doing this, he gave himself the chance to make things easier on his own. There have been different opportunities Greg Aziz has taken advantage of since then.


By offering his cars to people all around the continent, there are different things he is able to do. He likes to work out of Canada, but his cars can be found in the United States and Mexico. He also tries his best to show people what they will be able to do with the cars he has to offer. He does his best to make sure people can try different things. It helps him to grow his business in every way possible. There are now many more National Steel Cars that are all around when there weren’t that many in the past.



Amazing Achievements Of Gregory Aziz

Gregory J Aziz is the CEO, president and the chairman of the National Steel car, a firm that is in the forefront in railroad cargo automobile manufacturing and engineering company in the world and it is located in Hamilton Ontario. Greg was born and raised in London city in Ontario on 30th April 1949 and got he schooled at Ridley College and then later he majored in the field of economics at University of Western Ontario.


Greg Aziz joined the wholesale food business of his family known as the Affiliated Foods in the year 1971. The food company expanded for 16 years to be an international fresh foodstuffs distributor from the South America, Central America, and Europe, with various distributions to every major wholesale market in fresh foodstuffs throughout Eastern Canada and in the United States.


After Greg Aziz worked on various investment banking opportunities in the city of New York in 1990S and the late 1980s, Greg Aziz was able to organize the buying of the National Steel Car Company in 1994 from Dofasco. The main goal for that was to transform this great Canadian firm into a leading railroad merchandise vehicle builder in North America. Through the emphasis of the National Steel Cars’ team building, great engineering capabilities and through the significant capital and human investment, the firm developed its abilities in vehicle manufacturing from 3500 each year at the time of buying to about 12000 vehicles by the year 1999. Jobs in the same period expanded from almost 600 to approximately 3000.


Currently, thanks to its persistent continuation of car manufacturing and car engineering superiority, the National steel car is the best in the industry in new automobile invention, while making thousands of brand new track freight vehicles every year. The national steel car firm is the only track freight vehicle manufacturer firm that is certified ISO 9001:2008, and has now held that certification for the previous 18 years and that was possible after many recertification rounds. The firm has also been persistently honored with TTX SECO greatest quality award from 1996.

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The National steel car company is extremely devoted to the Hamilton public and has been known to sponsor the United Way, the Salvation Army, the Hamilton Opera, Theater Aquarius and various other charities at the local level. The company’s thousands of employees, both present, and past together with their children normally attend the National steel car party on Christmas each time and take part in the firm’s main foodstuff drive for the resident food banks. Aziz together with Irene who is his wife are Royal Agriculture Winter Fair sponsors, which is the most well-known agricultural fair in Canada.