Securus Technologies Providing Secured Imprisonment Communication Lines

Securus Technologies is a U.S prison technology company based in the Dallas, Texas area, in which was founded in the year 1986. Securus Technologies also has a few regional offices located within the United States, such as; Carrolton, Texas, Allen, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia. The CEO, Rick Smith, has invested a lot of time in making this a great company. The company enormously employs approximately 1,000 employees and stands in contract with approximately 2,600 correctional facilities within the United States. Until this day, they are serving 2,200 correctional services and in order for them to stay in great business, the company had to invest over $600 million in technologies, licensing rights and acquisitions within a three year time frame, stated Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies is actively one of the largest suppliers for imprisonment communications, parolee tracking and government information. For those who may wonder what is Securus Technologies, they provide telephone service to inmates within U.S prisons at a much higher rate than what is serviced to the general public. Securus Technologies provides services through their system to restraint the usage of contraband cell phones, in which was made approval by more than a few Department of Corrections facilities during 2016 of July. In 2017, Securus announced its creation of Wireless Containment Solution to help prevent the usage of contraband cell phones from linking to mobile networks . Securus Technologies motive is to provide a safer environment to prevent potential crimes.


To give credibility to Securus Technologies from those who have experienced using their system, there are many individuals who have sent emails and letters in regards of Securus Technologies successful system. There are individuals who stated that they are grateful because if it wasn’t for Securus’ system, they wouldn’t be able to monitor illegal activities such as, threats, suspicious conversations, contraband cellular devices, alcohol and drug use. The system has also helped facilities differentiate who may be involved in suspicious activities and made investigations less difficult to uncover. Securus Technologies is a phenomenal way to solve and prevent crimes within imprisonment facilities.